Wang Yi: For Europe, China is an Opportunity, Not a Risk, and a Partner, Not a Competitor
2024-04-01 18:33

On April 1, 2024, Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and French Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs Stéphane Séjourné jointly met the press after their talks in Beijing.

When asked by a journalist how he views the EU's "de-risking" approach to China and what China's views and expectations for China-EU relations are, Wang Yi said China and the EU are comprehensive strategic partners. Cooperation is the keynote of China-EU relations. The common interests of the two sides far outweigh the differences. Since the beginning of this year, China and the EU have restarted exchanges at all levels and carried out all-round cooperation in various fields. Europe has a more rational understanding of China and a stronger willingness to cooperate with China. Facts have proved and will continue to prove that China is an opportunity rather than a risk for Europe, and a partner rather than a competitor.

Wang Yi pointed out that "de-risking" should not target specific countries, should not violate WTO rules, and should not bring negative expectations to the business community. Some people with vision in Europe are also reflecting on the fact that decoupling from China is the real risk. China's position on this issue is clear, that is, openness brings progress while closing the door can only leave one behind. China is further easing market access, facilitating cross-border data flows, and promoting personnel exchanges between China and other countries. China will not change its resolve to open wider at a high standard; China will not change its determination to deepen mutually beneficial cooperation with the EU. China is ready to be a long-term partner with the EU in economic and trade cooperation, a priority partner in scientific and technological cooperation, and a trustworthy partner in cooperation on industrial, supply and data chains. The two sides should jointly uphold the open policy, support free trade, keep global industrial and supply chains stable, and promote global economic recovery.

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